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WinSGW has been developed at Inorganic Chemistry, Umeå University by Magnus Karlsson and Johan Lindgren. The program performs chemical equilibrium calculations in a fast and easy way and is an important tool within research and development. The program is continuously upgraded with new functions and models.

The program is able to:

  • Calculate equilibrium compositions for complexation reactions
    -up to 15 components and 300 species
  • Calculate with up to 31 solid phases
  • Calculate with Ionic Strength models according to:
    -Extended Debye-Hückel
    -S.I.T (Specific Ion interaction Theory)
  • Calculate equilibrium compositions at different temperatures
  • Recalculate equilibrium constants from one temperature to another using DH for the reaction
  • Handle up to five different solid phases with surface complexation. The electrostatic contributions can be accounted for, with the following models:
    -CCM (Constant Capacitance Model)
    -ECCM (Extented Constant Capacitance Model)
    -DLM (Diffuse Layer Model)
    -Stern Model
    -TLM (Triple Layer Model)
    -TPM (Three Plane Model)
  • Calculate with Donnan equilibrium in fibre suspensions

WinSGW has a simple and user friendly interface including different functions to create diagrams and tables to display calculation results.

Download and install a demo version of WinSGW. Detailed information about the program and installation tips can be found in ReadMe.txt.
Download WinSGW

(If you already have a WinSGW license, there is a page containing updated program files that can be copied to your existing installation.)

Two "add-ins" are available as options with WinSGW.

  • Optimisation of up to ten constants versus entered raw data.
  • Create files to be used in the program Frontway

A report describing the functions of WinSGW and a number of calculation examples can be downloaded using this link: WinSGW report

Price list excl. VAT:


Full license

Academic license


10 000 SEK

5 000 SEK

Multiple variable optimisation for WinSGW

30 000 SEK

15 000 SEK

Add-In: Files for Frontway

2 000 SEK

2 000 SEK

For further information about WinSGW, prizes, academic licenses, activation codes please contact Magnus Karlsson or Johan Lindgren at MaJo(at)

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